Who We Are

Technology is in our DNA. We understand your business needs. We connect the dots for you and deliver what it takes to make your software project a success. We are your new digital innovation partner. Our professional service offerings flexibly accommodate your needs, whether you are a start-up company or a global marketing holding.

Our mission: We provide best-value software solutions that exceed expectations.

Our commitment: We care. We go all-out. We over-deliver.

The Orange Dot team is broadly experienced in designing and developing versatile online platforms, e-commerce solution, landing pages, newsletters, for international clients in the food and beverages, automotive, sports and leisure industries.

Automotive: As IT professionals, we have successfully executed countless software projects of varied complexity, ranging from content publishing to operating CRM and product management systems.

Healthcare: The track-record of our team sports developing a massive client-server electronic data capturing system for the execution and statistical evaluation of clinical trials.

Online transactions: We boast watertight experience in the integration of payment processors, as well as in building proprietary custom solutions for online transaction processing.

E-commerce: Our expertise spans the development of complex online e-commerce solutions based on various commercial or open source frameworks, such as cakePHP, Symfony, Magento etc.

Engagement Model

Our flexible service offerings and engagement model readily adapt to your specific digital needs.

Retainer model

Augment your current development team and boost its productivity. Our professionals are trained to blend naturally into your existing structures to accelerate your success. You set the pace and have the say over the what, when and how.

- Constrain development and testing expenses within the approved monthly budget
- Establish long-term relationships with dedicated technological units
- Flexibly manage team workload and priorities to match your needs

Ad hoc model

You need a temporary technological reinforcement to implement a brilliant idea? Or you are looking for a solution to bridge you over a demanding phase? Whatever your ad-hoc project, our expert team will assume full responsibility for seeing it to completion.

- Enjoy the benefits of a time-tested budget-oriented, deadline-driven approach
- Make the most of a team profile that evolves in line with your project needs
- Leverage on our long-standing project management expertise

Core Team

We boast top-notch IT talent versed in the latest software technologies and development methodologies.

Vassil Guenov


Founder & President

Vassil is a graduate of the First Language School of English and the Computer Systems Department at the Technical University of Sofia with a Master of Sciences degree. He has fifteen years' background in the IT industry, five of which as the General Manager of a team of a 350–strong outsourcing company. Vassil was in charge of launching and establishing three development centers - in Sofia, Plovdiv and Nis, along with commercial offices in New York, London and Tel Aviv. As the founder of Orange Dot, his mission is to take outsourcing services in Bulgaria to a whole new level.

Vassil is the father of two sons, who share his passion for outdoor sports, mathematics and technology.
  • Vassil Guenov


    Founder & President

    Vassil is a graduate of the First Language School of English and the Computer Systems Department at the Technical University of Sofia with a Master of Sciences degree. He has fifteen years' background in the IT industry, five of which as the General Manager of a team of a 350–strong outsourcing company. Vassil was in charge of launching and establishing three development centers - in Sofia, Plovdiv and Nis, along with commercial offices in New York, London and Tel Aviv. As the founder of Orange Dot, his mission is to take outsourcing services in Bulgaria to a whole new level.

    Vassil is the father of two sons, who share his passion for outdoor sports, mathematics and technology.

  • Boris Toninski


    Java Team Lead

    Boris started his career in IT in 2002, boasting diplomas from the National High School in Finance and Business and the Technical University of Sofia, with a master's degree in Computer Systems and Technologies. He now has a dozen years' worth of Java-based projects to draw on, spanning on-demand marketing solutions, online payment gateways, GPS tracking systems, home automation portals and clinical trial studies.
    Boris has been with Orange Dot since its inception in 2013, and has played a fundamental role in both building the team and winning the trust of its long-standing clients.
    Among his many successful deliveries, he takes greatest pride in his two lovely daughters.
    In his spare time Boris does his best to squeeze in playing the guitar, skiing and bird-watching.

  • Dimitar Jelev


    .NET Team Lead

    After graduating from the Second English Language School of Sofia, Dimitar went on to study Mathematics and Informatics at Sofia University and master .NET, SQL, Python and Scala. He now heads a team of a cumulative industry experience of almost half a century.

    Outside of his work, Dimitar has been known to dabble in handball, basketball, volleyball and other variations of ball games, until he was smitten by cycling once and for all.

    His secret weapon is a homemade chocolate spread that beats Nutella hands–down.

  • Emil Monchev


    QA Team Lead

    As a fresh graduate in Computer Sciences from the Sofia University, in 2004 Emil was offered a job as a QA Engineer, and this proved a life–changing experience. He moved on to pursue his newly–discovered dream–job with the team of the European Parliament in Luxembourg. Prior to joining Orange Dot, Emil also gathered substantial software testing and team management experience in the fast–moving field of mobile development. At Orange Dot he feels equally responsible for his department's QA assignments and for growing a closely–knit team of brilliant software testers.

    Emil is a reformed workaholic turned a devoted father of three. He recharges his batteries spending time at picturesque mountain springs and waterfalls, in the exclusive company of his fishing gear.

  • Stanimir Savov


    Senior PHP Developer

    From the outset of his career as a web developer, Stanimir has been involved in trend–setting projects of globally recognized brands. His signature approach consists of masterfully tossing up zesty combos of leading open–source technologies, such as PHP, Python and Django.

    Stanimir's friends know him as a natural–born BBQ chef with a taste for spicy habaneros and a smashing forehand to match.

  • Dennis Nikov


    Senior Front-End Developer

    Dennis studied Interactive Media Production at Bournemouth University in the UK. He is fluent in English, Russian and French. Still, he would any time rather let his actions speak louder than his words.

    Dennis was slingshot into front-end development at the tender age of eighteen years as an intern at an IT outsourcing company, developed a soft spot for software development and has since amassed an inspiring portfolio.

    In his spare time, Dennis melds a passion for design and music, creating live media performances under the name Abysmatic.

  • Dimitar Pavlov


    QA Analyst

    Dimitar Pavlov graduated from the Second English Language School of Sofia and receieved a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University of Sofia in 2006. In 2008 he made his first steps in IT, and has been active in the field of automated and manual software testing ever since. He lives by the motto 'Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion'. In his day–to–day work this translates into being a vigilant clean–code watchdog.

    Dimitar's hobbies range from swimming and skiing to basketball and hiking, with fitness trainings in between.

  • Grigor Bogdanov


    Senior Front-End Developer

    A graduate of the High School of Mathematics and the Technical University of Sofia, Grigor has been passionately devoted to his FE and UX career for the past 5 years, and to the music of Eminem for three times as much (his absolutely most favorite song being "Lose Yourself").

    As a long–standing football fan, Grigor likes to treat himself to the occasional bout of FIFA gaming to recharge his batteries.

  • Angel Angelov


    Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions Engineer

    Angel boasts a 10+ year's track–record in the field of open source, Linux, UNIX and cloud–based solutions. A dyed–in–the–wool engineer of cross–continent professional experience, his capabilities span the entire cycle of design, implementation and maintenance of communication infrastructure. Angel's main focus over the past 5 years encompassed IaaS, VoIP, network–attached storage systems, with an emphasis on Amazon Web Services in particular.

    Angel is a father of one, and a big fan of outdoor activities.

  • Georgi Georgiev


    Java Developer

    Georgi has a bachelor's degree in Informatics and a master's degree in Computer Software Technology from Sofia University. He has been active in the field of software and web programming since 2012, joining the team of Orange Dot in 2014.

    Georgi believes in chasing his dreams, even if this means gold and gem hunting in far–flung corners of his beautiful homeland, Bulgaria. A loyal and down–to–earth person, what he treasures above all in life are the adventures he shares with his dearest friends.

  • Asen Vassilev


    Full Stack Developer

    Asen got captivated by computers as a toddler, when his father first took him to his office in a large engineering organization. To this very day Asen vividly remembers being awestruck by the sheer number of buttons and keys to press. From then on, computing handbooks took the place of pacifiers and stuffed toys in his nursery. But just looking at the pictures wasn’t enough for the web-developer-to-be. He learned to read well ahead of his age, and ever since has been gobbling up IT books by the dozens, most of them on his pet topics of Linux and electronics.

    Asen continued the family tradition of engineering to earn a degree in Network Technologies from the New Bulgarian University. The early days of his commercial experience were crowned by two Golden Umbrella recognitions at the Mediamixx Festival in Albena in 2005 and 2006.

    As part of the Orange Dot team Asen always aims for the highest peak, as behooves a true Capricorn like he is.

  • Natalia Ruseva


    QA Analyst

    Having graduated from the Ural State University, Natalia launched her career in IT in the town of Yekaterinburg, Russia, in 2007 and was the first QA Analyst to join the team of Orange Dot in 2013. A former competitive ballroom dancer, Natalia approaches her work with precision and the ability to perform under pressure. Leveraging on her trade–mark attention to detail, Natalia draws supreme satisfaction from solving mysterious, complicated issues.

    Natalia's bicultural background has equipped her with a versatile perspective and supreme team–working skills, which contribute immensely to the success of the international projects of the clients of Orange Dot.

  • Evgeny


    Full Stack Developer

    Evgeny had a remarkable start in life. He was born in Moscow, spent his childhood in Sofia, and graduated from high-school in Budapest as the computer whiz kid of his class. He then got a degree in Informatics from the New Bulgarian University and his life went from international to Internetational.

    Today, Evgeny is a father of two daughters, a proud owner of a touring motorcycle, and – time and weather permitting – a keen mountaineer and fisherman. At Orange Dot he is in charge of developing all-singing, all-dancing web solutions – although he himself has never been one for neither dancing, nor singing.

  • Lalita


    Senior QA Analyst

    Lalita got her degrees in BSC.IT and MBA in IT from Wales University, UK. In 2003, she started her career as a Test Automation Engineer and thus tapped into her own super powers.

    A keen traveler, Lalita lives her life by an Albert Einstein’s quote: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Her journey has so far taken her to six different countries in Europe and Asia.

    Lalita brings to the Orange Dot team a dozen years’ worth of testing experience on international projects. She stoically braved through the procedure of obtaining a Bulgarian Blue Card - which, in her case, took almost a year. Now she is already making headway with the Bulgarian language.

  • Stanislav Stoyanov


    Senior .NET Developer

    Stanislav lives by the saying that words are silver and silence is gold. Hence this sparing bio. He would rather be coding or racing his motorbike than wasting his breath on empty nothings.

    Reportedly, Stanislav is a most reliable member of the .NET team, especially on those bothersome mornings after a heavy party night. A confirmed teetotaler, he can be counted on to contribute sobriety to any situation - any time and any day of the week.

  • Ivaylo Jelev


    Senior .NET Developer

    Ivaylo has 10 years worth of coding experience, peppered with the occasional consultation assignment to hone his customer service skills. His trademark approach consists of blending the best of multiple technologies to come up with unique solutions that turn heads. Among other ambitions projects, highlights in his portfolio include systems using SSIS and SSAS for big data analyses.

    Ivaylo and his family are keen lovers of nature, mountaineering being one of their favorite pastimes. A recent New Year's resolution of theirs is to make more time for skiing in the lovely mountains of Bulgaria.

  • Angel Angelov


    Java Developer

    Angel is a former internationally performing trumpet player and a holder of the FIJO Cheb brass talent recognition in 2004. Ten years ago his fondness for math and technology gained the upper hand, and he turned his back to music to obtain his academic degrees: one in Computer Science, from the Technical University of Sofia; and another one in Economics, from the University of Sofia. Along with his faultless sense of rhythm, which is a true gift when it comes to handling deadlines, he brings to Orange Dot a six years' worth of development expertise and a keen dedication to excellence.

    Angel is a huge football fan and a supporter of CSKA Sofia and Liverpool.

  • Plamena Zlateva


    Senior QA Analyst

    Plamena is an agent provocateur at heart, which explains her choice of a career path. She savors each and every second of her duties as a QA Analyst, shattering illusions of all shapes and sizes. To stay fit for this taxing task, Plamena challenges her limits with cross fit, archery, motorcycling and mountaineering, under the inevitable accompaniment of rock and heavy metal music.

  • Strahil Valkov


    Senior .NET Developer

    Strahil graduated from the Technical University of Varna in 2004, majoring in Power Engineering, and promptly embraced software development as his vocation. He ultimately narrowed down his focus to .NET C# web solutions, and over the past decade has contributed to countless projects based on ASP.NET, ASP.MVC, Windows forms, WCF, WebAPI (SOAP and REST) for web-services and MS SQL Server for database.

    A seasoned basketball player, Strahil brings to his team a higher perspective and sportsmanship that score points with clients and partners alike.

    Tool, Rage Against the Machine and Moderat have been reserved a permanent pride of place on his music playlist.

  • Martin Dimitrov


    QA Analyst

    As early as his high-school years, Martin passed a total of four certification exams in French and English. He then added a handful of programming languages to his collection as well – as part of a Bachelor's program in Informatics at the University of National and World Economy in Sofia. Well before he even obtained his degree, his career of a QA Analyst was already up and running.

    Martin swears by open-source concepts and open-air sports. One guiding principle of his is: "When there's a will, there's a way". Indeed, he has the energy of a powerhouse and is virtually unstoppable (most notably, when it comes to getting his hands on the latest Apple gadget). By the look of it, one day he will even indulge in his penchant for Italian super cars and his fond dream of a bon vivant life in France.

    For the time being, however, Martin basks in his glory of the clean-code connoisseur on the Orange Dot team.

  • Ivan


    .NET Developer

    As a student of Artificial Intelligence at the Sofia University, Ivan cut his programming teeth on the notorious Knight's Tour Problem by Euler. Even though his subsequent work assignments rarely involved chessboards (let alone knights), Ivan’s love for C#.NET, VB.NET, SQL SSIS & SSAS remained constant but for a fleeting fling with the occasional 'exotic' programming language. Today, Ivan draws on countless successful projects for the world of finance, including a number of foreign exchange solutions.

    A proud father and a grandfather of a baby girl, in his spare time Ivan often goes mushrooming and is a big fan of catch-and-release fishing. If he had all the time in the world, he swears he would play table tennis and basketball each day until he drops, and would then binge on math and logic puzzles.

    Ivan thinks highly of digital technology and sees it as the key to dealing with human mortality in the long run. As for the short run, his top priority is passing his Microsoft Certified Professional exams.


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What makes us tick is our passion for technologies and our make-do attitude. We're in our element with innovative projects and dynamic cross-border cooperation with top brands worldwide.

Are you up to the challenge? Send your resumé to jobs@orangedot.bg.

We are currently looking for:

Is this you?

  • Exceptional understanding of OOP principles
  • Expertise in web application development based on the LAMP stack
  • Experience with at least one of these technologies is extra plus – Laravel, Node.js, Angular 2, Vue.js
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Experience with MySQL and/or MongoDB
  • Strong knowledge of best practices in business logic implementation and database design
  • Proactive attitude and the ability to perform in a multicultural environment
  • Fluency in English in speech and writing
  • Excellent communicator and team player

What we offer:

  • Closely-knit and supportive professional environment
  • Well-defined role in a distributed, multilingual team, where people freely contribute ideas and exchange knowledge
  • Opportunities for intensive professional growth, including a certification program
  • Involvement in the latest projects of internationally known brands
  • Participation in conferences and trainings on a regular basis
  • Flexible working hours and home-office arrangements
  • Competitive salary
  • Performance based bonus

Only short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview.