Front-End Development

HTML5 and CSS3 development form but a minor part of the presentation layer of the modern web interface. This is why our front-end team is equipped with a strong knowledge of the entire development lifecycle, as well as with excellent JavaScript capabilities.

We specialize in catapulting frontend development to a whole new level. And in making fluent use of Angular, Backbone, Bootstrap, Canvas or Ember, as the need may be.

Back-End Development

Our team draws on tens of thousands of hours of bespoke web development based on fundamental programming languages, such as Java, Microsoft .NET, PHP. However, our robust expertise in the web mainstream is complemented by a niche proficiency with frameworks such as Zend, Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Django and Struts, to name but a few.

We are adepts at fusing separate technologies to bring about unique solutions that best match our client’s needs, whether this entails using Python, Node.js, or other environments as required.


The database management system is among the crucial considerations in creating a web application, and the team of Orange Dot is in the position to contribute expert guidance based on its all-round industry experience. Even if the choice of a database is predetermined by the core technology used or by a legacy system, you can count on us to bring in the skill- and mindset required to warrant the success of your project.

Our background spans complex DB engines, centering round both RDMS and NoSQL, with an extensive portfolio of complex solutions based on MS SQL server, complete with stored procedures, triggers; as well as on MySQL and MongoDB.

Content Management Systems

The host of open-source and commercially licensed content management systems and e-commerce solutions that our development team is well versed in include, among others:

  • PHP: Wordpress, Drupal, MODX, Magento
  • Python: Django-CMS
  • .NET: Sitecore, Umbraco
  • Alfresco, Hippo

Quality Assurance

QA Team:

We at Orange Dot are proud with our strong QA team. With an average experience of 7 years we can contribute for the successful delivery of any complex solution.

The versatile business expertise of our team members varies from the automotive, marketing analysis and retail to banking, insurance and complex CRM systems in their application variety as system, desktop, web and mobile.

We will always strive to provide the most meaningful combination of automated tools and manual testing procedures in order to optimize the results in terms of time and cost. As QA professionals our team members always consider the important PM metrics like time, cost, scope and acts proactively through project’s lifecycle.

  • QA Process:
  • Requirements Analysis
  • QA project planning
  • Estimation and Risk Analysis
  • Test Strategy and Analysis
  • • Manual test definition
  • • Automation
  • Test Cases preparation
  • Automation tests/scripts preparation
  • Active QA phase – iteration cycles
  • • Functional Testing
  • • GUI testing
  • • Security testing
  • • Integration testing
  • • Performance testing
  • • Regression testing
  • UAT
  • Documentation and Release sign off
  • Project and Quality Tackle Sets:
  • Project organizational approaches
  • • Agile
  • • Waterfall
  • Task tracking tools
  • • Jira
  • • TFS
  • • Bugzilla
  • Automation testing environments and tools
  • • Soap UI
  • • Selenium
  • • Java
  • • Ruby
  • • Cucumber

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

The team of Orange Dot has the proven abilities to plan and implement the migration of our partners’ development, stage and QA systems from their co-location center to AWS. Our experience with AWS spans enterprise architecture, data migration and administration of various Amazon web services.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a trusted partner to cater for your AWS Infrastructure and cloud services needs:

  • Partial or a full-blown migration of your IT infrastructure and services to AWS
  • AWS Infrastructure environments provisioning
  • AWS account management and monitoring
  • AWS cost optimization and planning
  • Big Data - EMR/Hadoop cluster deployments
  • RDBMS deployments and provisioning
  • Event driven compute Instances deployment automation
  • Live and on demand media streaming through AWS environment
  • Any other AWS performance, managing and/or database and development services